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  • Dr. Brian Wilner, DC

3 Long Lasting Health Impacts of a Car Accident

Car accidents often cause property damage, hospitalization, and even the loss of life. According to the World Health Organization, there are over 1.25 million deaths due to car crashes each year. Even when road accidents are not fatal, they are often the cause of negative long-term effects on health. Here are three long lasting effects of traffic injuries or car accidents.

  • Disability

Car accidents with no fatality occasionally entail permanent physical damage to victims. Most head injuries cause weakness, instability, or paralysis to parts of the body. These can lead to small changes in day-to-day activities, and culminate into problems that impact your workplace performance. These changes can ultimately alter the quality of life not just of victims, but of their families as well. No one can predict when an accident will happen, and they happen to everyone: young and old, rich and poor, irrespective of any differences. Healthy people who otherwise move and act with total freedom are drastically hampered by accidents. Even if you think you are not hurt, it is wise to be seen, as not all injuries are immediately apparent to untrained eyes.

These accidents can also create a financial burden due to expensive costs of hospitalization and treatment. Some family members may even stop working in order to take care of the injured. Wounds do eventually heal, but a broken bone in a critical part of the body can sideline you for months. Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as PIP, goes a long way in protecting yourself financially. A visit to the South Florida Injury Centers within 14 days of the accident will get you covered under Florida law.

  • Mental Health

Car crashes don’t necessarily lead to just physical damage. Being part of a car crash can affect victims’ mental health. Phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety are some of the outcomes of car crashes. This is true whether you are a driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian happening to witness these accidents.

The conditions mentioned above affect important aspects of life such as work and relationships. When untreated, some of these symptoms lead to more damaging or chronic conditions such as depression.

  • Consequent Diseases

Lifestyle diseases can be acquired through sudden changes in the circumstances of victims. For example, when one is paralyzed, it will be harder to get exercise. Thus, it can lead to heart problems and diabetes.

Some mental health issues could lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as smoking and drinking. They could also lead to other syndromes such as anorexia or obesity, dyslipidemia, chronic respiratory diseases, liver cirrhosis, or even cancer.

Traffic accidents are often avoidable circumstances. Addressing conditions that lead to traffic crashes such as signs, policies, and even behavioral changes are preventive measures for the above-mentioned health impacts. Policy makers and health practitioners must recognize that road traffic accidents do not end after the physical scars have been treated.

The challenge lies with what we do in order for these unfortunate circumstances not to happen again. Hopefully one day, no more lives will be pre-emptively taken on the road.

Have you or has someone you know been involved in a car accident in South Florida? Contact South Florida Injury Centers for assistance.

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