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Spinal Manipulation

Many types of injuries, such as car accident injuries, can cause problems in the vertebral column around the spine. Spinal manipulation is a classic chiropractic technique that can be used to adjust and realign the spine so that its bones and tissues are placed back into their proper positions. The type of spinal manipulation that is used by South Florida Injury Centers depends on the pathology, patient’s preference and size and other considerations. We will determine the appropriate spinal manipulation technique to use following a thorough examination of your medical history and the particular problems that you are experiencing.

What is Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a nonsurgical alternative treatment option that is used to help you by reducing your pain and symptoms while aiding your healing. Many problematic conditions can result from subluxations and other issues of the spine. We customize treatment plans according to the needs of their patients. Your car accident treatment may include some techniques that require varying uses of force during a single visit or over your course of treatment lasting for a number of weeks.

There are two primary types of spinal manipulation techniques that might be used in your treatment. Spinal manipulation or spinal mobilization (or a combination of both) may be used to treat you, depending on your pathology, size, preference and needs.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is a frequently used technique that involves thrusts that are high velocity and low amplitude. When you receive this form of treatment, specific areas are pushed along your spine, causing you to hear popping sounds. The movements that are used are controlled as he or she places force on different joints to move the out-of-aligned areas back into their correct places. The popping sounds that you hear are nothing to be alarmed about. They are simply gas releasing as your joint is moved back into its correct position and are called cavitations.


Spinal Mobilization

Certain conditions such as osteoporosis mandate a lesser use of force. Spinal manipulation may be used if you have suffered a serious vehicle accident injury and need some time for some of the inflammation to subside before moving on to more forceful techniques. Spinal mobilization involves gentler movements with the ultimate goal of restoring and enhancing the function of your joint. This technique involves slower movements with gentle force applied to your joint’s endpoint. This technique may be used if you are still in the acute stage of your injury, if you are obese, if you have arthritis or osteoporosis or if your nervous system is highly sensitive and reactive.

Spinal manipulation and mobilization have been demonstrated to offer great pain relief and a restoration of function and range of motion to patients suffering from back injuries and other conditions. When you come to South Florida Injury Centers, we will discuss the different car accident treatment options and design a treatment plan that will be geared to providing you with the most help. Call us today to schedule your appointment.



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