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  • Dr. Brian Wilner, DC

5 Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Crash

Have you been involved in a car accident? Did you feel “fine” right after it happened, but now, hours or even days later, now you are starting to experience pain and it keeps getting worse? Not all injuries after a car crash are immediately obvious. Sometimes the shock of the accident has to wear off and you return to the activities of our daily lives before you notice that something is awry.

Here are some symptoms of delayed injury to look out for if you were recently in a car crash:

1) Neck or Back Pain

This is the most obvious symptom of whiplash and it often does not show up right away at the scene of an accident. It could be days until you notice that your neck hurts, and by then you may have even returned to work. This neck pain could be made worse by occupations that strain your body or are highly sedentary.

If you have neck or back pain especially, come visit us at the South Florida Injury Centers. We can perform adjustments to your spine that may reduce the pain and help you heal faster. If you are located in Florida, remember that is it vital that you are seen by a doctor within 14 days of your car accident in order to get covered by PIP.

2) Stiffness

Many people experience this in their neck and shoulders after a car accident. It is particularly prevalent in individuals who have been rear-ended. The stiffness may be accompanied with pain. Similarly, if you’re experiencing stiffness or loss of mobility, the highly experienced doctors at South Florida Injury Centers will be able to alleviate your symptoms. We can perform X-Rays to investigate the source of the pain and perform the needed treatments.

3) Numbness in the Limbs

Numbness is a sign of possible nerve damage or damage to the spine. This can happen due to whiplash, and should be taken very seriously. You urgently need to visit us as soon as possible if you are experiencing any numbness. There could be tiny injuries to your spine that need to be addressed before they get any worse.

4) Dizziness or Swelling

If you feel dizzy or like you’re going to faint in the hours or days following an accident, don’t take any chances—schedule an appointment with us right away. These symptoms, along with swelling, could be a sign that you are suffering from internal bleeding. Failing to address internal bleeding can lead to severe injury or even death.

These symptoms are not always obvious, either, which is why it is so important to not allow it to get to this point in the first place. If you have any questions regarding this, ask us and we will assist you.

5) Headaches

The brain is fragile and lives floating around inside cerebro-spinal fluid in your brain case. Even a relatively mild shake can cause trauma. Sometimes headaches can also be caused from pain radiating up from a neck or back injury. At any rate, massive headaches that seemingly come out of nowhere in the days following a car accident are cause for concern.

Pain and other symptoms after a car accident are more than just annoying—they can be signs of deeper problems. Be sure to catch these injuries while they are still in their early stages, and seek our help you heal correctly. If you have been in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale or Port St.Lucie area, we can help, call us today.

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