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How to Treat Muscle Pain After An Auto Accident

Muscle pain is a common symptom after a car accident. Whiplash can be a silent injury at first, and then as the days wear on and you resume normal activities, you may find that your neck, back, head, or even limbs are extremely sore. How you go about treating these symptoms depends on the extent of your injury, but here are a few suggestions:

Home Remedies

Some people prefer simple home remedies, and these can be effective for mild injuries. A few things that you can do to numb the pain include:

  • Ice packs. This will numb pain receptors in the area where you use them and also reduce swelling, which is the source of a lot of pain. These are best used in the early stages of your injury.

  • Heat packs. Heat can reduce spasms of the muscle. You can alternate between these and ice packs.

  • Stretches. Make sure to ask us if it is safe for you to perform stretches and other exercises.

  • Essential oils. Though scientific evidence is scant, it is possible that some essential oils can help relax the muscles and reduce pain when used topically. There are usually no side-effects, either.

  • Fix Your Diet. Fatty foods cause weight gain which subsequently causes tremendous pressure on joints. A healthy, balanced diet leads to a trimmer you, and also reduces muscle pain. Leafy green vegetables improve metabolic processes, nuts help repair damaged tissues, and it is always important to drink lots of water.

Visiting a Car Accident Doctor

These remedies are merely band-aids, and CANNOT totally cure you if you have a serious injury. Often, people underestimate exactly how severe their injuries are and are not experienced in understanding and treating the symptoms.

While spasms in your back or off-and-on headaches may seems like trivial situations at the time, they occasionally indicate a far deeper problem or have the potential to snowball into an issue that causes a far more serious problem down the road. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask us. We can target specific body parts that are giving you trouble, and can discover the root of where the pain is coming from. After that, we offer you advice on how to keep your spine and body healthy over the long-term.

Our doctors are knowledgeable experts who are familiar with the human body and we can also perform physical adjustments that promote healing. It is important to keep in mind that the home remedies listed above will help in the short term, you need to keep your long-term health in mind. Symptoms of chronic and incredibly painful ailments often do not present themselves until hours or even days after a car accident, and a heat pack cannot realign your back if a car accident threw it out of whack.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, call 954-606-6325. Here at South Florida Injury Centers, we are experienced professionals who are totally committed to helping you in any way we can.

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