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Therapeutic treatments at South Florida Injury Centers

When you meet with the chiropractic team at South Florida Injury Centers, we will evaluate you in order to determine the types of injury treatment that may offer you the most relief and the best results. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore your functionality and to provide relief from pain without the use of more invasive treatments such as surgery. In addition to spinal manipulation or mobilization, your treatment plan may include a variety of other therapeutic treatments to offer you the greatest ability to recover. The particular treatments that may be used will depend on your injury and its severity, your size, preferences and your other conditions.

Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

In addition to spinal manipulation or mobilization, the application of cold and heat may be used as a part of your course of treatment. When you have significant inflammation surrounding the joints in your back during the acute stages of your injury, cryotherapy may be recommended. The application of cold helps to reduce the inflammation and to speed healing. Thermotherapy may be used if your muscles are tight because of the subluxation or other problem in your spine. This can help the muscles to relax and to relieve some of your pain.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound may be used  as a treatment modality. In this treatment, a small machine is used to deliver ultrasound to the soft tissues deep in your back, including your tendons, muscles and ligaments. This delivers heat to them to increase circulation to the treated areas. The increased circulation helps to speed healing of those areas. It also induces cavitation, which is the release of gas that has built up in the injured location. This aids the cellular healing process.


Electrical muscle stimulation

Another therapeutic treatment that might be recommended to you is electrical muscle stimulation. This involves delivering electrical currents to specific muscles in order to induce maximal contractions followed by releases. By doing this, you will be strengthening muscles that are weak so that they provide more support to your spine and your back.

Myofascial release

You have a type of connective tissue called the myofascial connective tissue that may become restricted, causing you pain and a reduction of your range of motion. Myofascial release treatment involves the application of sustained force to certain areas of the myofascial tissue. This helps to release the restrictions and the resulting pressure that they are placing on your body.


Therapeutic exercise

A number of therapeutic exercises may be recommended. You may be asked to perform some of them in the office during your visit and to perform some at home on a specified time schedule. Therapeutic exercises help you to build strength and to improve your range of motion. It is important for you to follow all of the recommended therapeutic exercise regimens so that you can derive the maximum benefits.


The therapeutic treatments at South Florida Injury Centers are designed to give you the most benefit without the need for surgical intervention or pain medication. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today to schedule your consultation.


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